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Welcome to Learn Invest Retire brought to you by Investors Oasis. We are glad to see that you started your journey to financial freedom!

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Our goal is to help people find financial freedom, to give them the option to retire. While I hope to never retire, I greatly enjoy having passive income that exceeds my living expenses. I am writing this from a tropical island in the Caribbean, and I will be richer tonight than I was this morning. Incidentally- I am at a resort that I co-own with a group. It is providing me with income while I sit in the sun.You can do this, too. I grew up on a dairy farm and have an 8th grade education, so I am confident that you can reach this goal much faster and with less missteps than I did.

Any destination is easier to reach with a guide. This goal is no different. Learn Invest Retire

Investment Win Wins

Our business theme is enrichment. All of the deals that we do need to be good for everyone involved, or it is not a good deal. Our goal is to enrich everyone that we come in contact with. Smiles are free, and yet so often are not handed out with abandon. Respect has no downside. It enriches both the giver’s and the receiver’s life. We’re always seeking investors to partner with who have family values. We are looking for more than just money. We want to enrich people who will take those profits others lives better. Some people will take their profits to buy sex and drugs. Activities like this leave wreckage and hurts behind them. Like a tornado roaring through a beautiful park. Others use their profits to create a good life for those they love. They pay their bills responsibly, and with the surpluses they give to charities that promote healing and peace. When we are able to funnel money to the second type of people, we are enriching the world through business. This is something we are passionate about.

Positive Community Investing

All of our investments also need to be projects that are good for the communities that they are in, and to enrich the employees that earn their living with a fair wage in a positive environment. For example, we would not finance a casino or a bar. This is not to say that all who enter an establishment like this are doing wrong. Rather, the odds are better that we will create peace and happiness with clean, safe housing or a storefront than with a bar or casino. We need a triple bottom line. People, planet, and profits. When any of these suffer, it is no longer a deal that we like.

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